A Note About Obsolescence

This website was started in 2009. Back then, the digital cameras that I used, as well as the sizes that we believed images should be for the Internet, were different.

On August 27, 2023, I decided to rebuild this site, using newer technology. I wanted to take advantage of the Gutenberg Block Editor, as well as some other advanced tech.

Some of the images in posts on this site did not scale up as well as I would like. Consequently, they may appear either blurred, or pixelated, as does the Featured Image for “The Dolphins Leap Tonight” from 2009. My plan over the next-however-long-it-takes is to go through all the images, and, for those which I can still find my old digital negatives, I will update them. For those which I cannot find the old negatives, I’ll try to tweak them with newer photo-editing software to improve their quality at the larger sizes I am now using for images on this website.

So stay tuned!

About This Website, Blog, and Me (the Photographer-Owner)

Photographer Rick Horowitz

RickHorowitz.Photography is the photography and photographic art website of award-winning photographer, Rick Horowitz. Previously, the website was listed as SoShootMe.com. However, frankly, I’ve gotten tired of the cost of fighting off trademark infringers, and so I registered RickHorowitz.Photography.

I blog at unpredictable times and intervals.  Frankly, at least as of January 2019, I have more frequently updated my posts to my Viewbug account. Starting in February 2019, however, I intend to change that, as I have upgraded my website, and will also be adding Galleries here. 

Although I don’t anticipate updating this site on a daily basis, as some photographers might, the site will provide a showcase for some of my work as well as a location for photography clients to view proof albums.

Currently, I am available to shoot events (excluding weddings), concerts, bands (including album covers), indoor and outdoor portraiture, model portfolios and “boudoir” photography (sometimes known as “intimates”).  Shootings are by appointment only, rates are negotiable, and payment is in advance.  I can be reached at (559) 233-8886.

Those familiar with modeling & photography have probably heard of the concept of “TFP/CD” which stands for “time for prints/CD.”  I have done a limited amount of TFP/CD work, but only if the model is bringing something new to add to my own portfolio, and signs a release so that I can utilize the images. More of my work with models can be seen at Model Mayhem.

Contact me for your photography modeling session, and see why one model wrote:

So Shoot Me!® Photography is definitely my favorite to work with. Rick has a great eye for detail, and went far out of his way to make sure I was comfortable for the duration of the shoot. He has amazing drive, and vision, and I would recommend him to any model!

Sidenote: For a while, my photography business and website were called “So Shoot Me!®” And, yes, I did register the trademark. But I grew tired of fighting off those people who could care less about the legal rights of others: the lawyers are just too expensive. So I changed the name. I still own So Shoot Me!®, and it’s still a registered trademark. Maybe I’ll sue a few people to convince them the law matters.

I have also shot sets for models who have submitted to SuicideGirls.

For details, contact me at (559) 681-1888, or email me here using my first name of “rick” adding the at symbol (if you don’t know what that means, I can’t help you) followed by the name of this domain (rickhorowitz.photography).

Those of you who have been on the Internet for a while now will realize that in the previous paragraph, I did not list my actual email address because of spam concerns, but you will understand how to put this together to reach me.

If you have any interest in modeling, and/or obtaining free images for yourself, check out my “Models Needed” page.