Is it real? Or is it Memorex a figurine in an antique shop in Oldtown Clovis, California?

Yep, my wife and I were walking through this store during the recent Clovis Wine Walk (she won free tickets from the Bee! Yay!), and I had my camera with me.

I shot a number of figurines up-close-and-personal using my 85mm f/1.2 — set at f/1.2, 1/100th of a second, ISO 200 — on my Canon 5D Mark III, with an extension ring (an EF12, if you must know).

To give it a little post-processing kick, I ran it through a newly-released, hence newly-acquired, Topaz Labs Clarity filter in Photoshop CS6.

So what do you think? If I would not have mentioned it, would you know it was not real? If so, how? If not, great!

Either way, feel free to comment below!

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