Recently, I was able to borrow a Canon 300 mm 2.8/L lens from a friend. I’m hoping to be able to trade something so as to add it to my permanent collection.

Bunny Chafowitz — a.k.a., the LOML — has a hobby of her own. Hers involves making our yard look absolutely beautiful.

Although the yard itself is large, playing with a 300 mm lens in it makes it appear small.

The Crane was shot against the backdrop of our “back 40,” so to speak, near an area Bunny has appropriately named “Idlewyld.” Opened up to the full 2.8 aperture, the trees and shrubs a mere 10-15 feet behind it fade into a beautifully-amorphous green.

For more miscellaneous shots, including more shot with the 300 mm 2.8/L lens, take a gander here.

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