In November 2013, I started entering “juried exhibitions,” or “juried competitions.” A friend of mine who had been exhibiting saw one of my images, and suggested I enter it in a show called “Nudes in November,” which was (and is) put on at the Sorensen Studio as part of Fresno’s ArtHop™ scene.

I came out of that competition with First Place, and from there I was hooked.

The following is a list of awards I have received to date, from the most recent going back to the first. As you can see, most are at the Sorensen Studio. I submit there so often because it’s just about the only place with juried exhibitions in Fresno. The juried exhibits are judged by panels of three judges, who are prominent in some field of art within the community. Some are curators from local art museums, some are instructors from local colleges, or the university, and some are working reputable artists.

As of 2017, I’m thinking it’s time to start seeing about juried exhibitions in other cities; maybe San Francisco, or LA.

*It appears I made the mistake of naming two different pieces “Reclining Nude.” Probably because both are.

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