After the serendipitous opportunity to shoot the Blu J’z at the Clovis Wine Walk recently, they were kind enough to invite me and my wife, Denise Chaffee (a.k.a., Bunny Chafowitz), to hear them play at Frank’s Place in downtown Fresno. Attendance was somewhat sparse, but in no way can this be attributed to the Blu J’z, who opened for Double Play. I say that because we absolutely loved them, and we’re pretty picky about that type of music.

In fact, we thought they were better than the main act.

A number of pictures will be available in my Blu J’z gallery as I get time to go through all of them. I recently watched a KelbyTraining course on Concert Photography, and did a little change-up on my way of shooting. It resulted in significantly more photos than I normally take, but I personally felt it is making it harder to separate out what I consider good from those that were “accidentally” taken.

The image here was shot using my trusty Canon 5D Mark III and what is currently my favorite lens: the Canon EF85 mm f/1.2L II USM. The specs on this image are 1/20th of a second at f/5.0 and an ISO of 2000.

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