One upon a time, I made the mistake of registering So Shoot Me!® as my registered trademark.

Unfortunately, people ignored my request to “Please do me the courtesy of not costing me more money by trying to use it. ;)” I spent thousands of dollars defending the trademark, but ultimately changed the name of the website to RickHorowitz.Photography to avoid getting confused with all the thieves out there.

This website, except for the galleries, is powered by WordPress.  Copyrights to WordPress are owned by these fine folks.

My Theme is a version of the Modern Portfolio Pro Theme built on the Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

Original photographic images posted on the website formerly known as So Shoot Me!®, and now known as the RickHorowitz.Photography website, are made and owned by Rick Horowitz of Fresno, California. Some images on this site were photographed and/or modified by Photoshop prior to 2009 and have been displayed by me at other locations. Most images here have copyrights that began sometime between 2009 and today.

I do register my trademarks and copyrights, so if you’re thinking of stealing, or “borrowing,” or as some people mistakenly believe they’re doing “giving me free publicity” without my permission, you might want to take into account what that means.

For more information, contact me directly.

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