Some folk may know that my “day job” is running my own private law practice on the Sixth Floor of downtown’s glorious Patterson Building. It’s during my “off” time that I work on my art (sometimes in a rented studio space on the second floor).

Increasingly, the lines blur. As my photography gains a little more local recognition, I end up having more discussions about photography with people I know because of my law office. It helps that I display the safer pieces of my work in my law office.

This recently lead to an opportunity for a number of firsts. My first shoot involving only males. My first shoot involving only clothed people (although one of the besuited men at the studio was Shoeless Jerry Not-Jackson).

And my first corporate shoot.

The results were gratifying.

Top Hand Media
From left to right: Mike, Jerry, and Jason, of Top Hand Media, LLC

In addition to putting together this, and individual portraits, I also decided to play with one of the group shots.

Mike, Jerry, and Jason of Top Hand Media
What better way to drive change than with jet-powered pyramids?

We also managed to get individual shots of everyone.


Mike, the Director of Strategy
Mike, the Director of Strategy
Jason, Client Services Director
Jason, Client Services Director
Jerry, the President (of Top Hand Media, LLC!)
Jerry, the President (of Top Hand Media, LLC!)


There was even the obligatory gag shot:

Jerry Reid and a pelican with drawn backdrop

It’s not so much a gag shot itself, I guess, but what I did with it. (And, yes, I drew the picture myself. Me, the budding Photoshop artist.)

I don’t have much else to say about this, except that it was a great shoot. I enjoyed the opportunity to try something new. I look forward to more such shoots.

Special thanks to Top Hand Media, LLC, for the opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning what I can do for you, drop me a line. You won’t regret it!

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