If you’ve looked at any of my food photography before, you know that the foods I love to photograph the best are those prepared by my own wife. In particular, I love her bakepops — both photographing them and eating them!

What we have here is her latest creation: turkey bakepops.

The cake is ginger spice, covered with chocolate candy coating. The tail is simply a Nabisco® chocolate wafer with candy corn stuck to it. The beak is candy corn. The wattle is made by melting red candy and piping it out into the desired shape on parchment paper, then attaching it with the chocolate candy.


On another note, I wanted to point out that while I’m not writing blog posts as often as before, I am still periodically adding albums under the Gallery section. My galleries as hosted at SmugMug, which makes it possible for me to sell prints. Check it out!

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