Galleries are for work I’ve done which I might not have written a blog post about. I used to post these on Viewbug and other websites (you might still find some there), but I wanted them on my own website. Click on a gallery thumbnail to be taken to the gallery.

I’m going to be adding Galleries, as time goes on. But for now, we have the following (click on one in the list to drop to that part of the page, or just scroll down).

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Nudes – Female

This Gallery contains “normal” female nudes. (As opposed to Fantasy Nudes, which we show elsewhere.)

[kadence_gallery id=”2751″]

Nudes – Male

How sad is this? We have one! See Models Needed.

[kadence_gallery id=”2768″]


I don’t only shoot nudes! Some of my awards have been for landscape images, as well.

[kadence_gallery id=”2774″]

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