First Place for Nudes in November 2018

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Pinnacle (2018 Nudes in November, First Place in Photography)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site, but as I just won another First Place for this year’s Nudes in November, I thought I should start paying attention again. The featured image to this post—which my wife gave the name of “Pinnacle”—is that winner, by the way.

Also, I’m talking to some folks who want to create a calendar, and I want to make sure my website is updated so the possible participants have the ability to see my work. Last year, I stopped using SmugMug to display my work, and I now realize that when I did that, and tried to move some of my images to a new location, the new location I was using (ModelMayhem) wasn’t displaying the images to everyone.

In addition to this website, I have an account at ViewBug (NSFW), where I post much of my work. So you might want to take a peek over there to see work that might not be posted here. Be warned, however, that just like this site, that site contains nudes. After all, that’s mostly what I shoot. Therefore, it’s probably Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

Nudes in November, by the way, is an annual show which is part of Fresno’s November ArtHop scene. I have been entering, and winning, since 2013, so that’s six awards right there. The show is hosted by the Sorensen Studio in Fresno, California. This year, I entered three pieces. In addition to the Featured Image at the top of this post, which was the First Place winner, I also entered the following two pieces.

Tattooed Lady
Tattooed Lady

This next image is called “Hunting Frazetta in the Forest.” The model, whose working name is Cynekka, is a fan of the artist Frank Frazetta. I’ve actually always liked his work, as well. This particular image was inspired by a Frazetta drawing. Of course, I had to put my own spin on it.

Hunting Frazetta in the Forest
Hunting Frazetta in the Forest

For more of Frazetta’s work, you can go to the Official Frank Frazetta Instagram account, run by his granddaughter. For more by artists working with Cynekka, and to help support her, visit her Patreon account.

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