She calls herself “Ruby Tuesday.”  I have no idea why, but she’s good enough to look at that I don’t care.  She’s too young, I think, to really be into the Rolling Stones, or to know about the actress who starred in the movie about the all-female motorcycle gang called The Man-Eaters. But maybe not.  From what little I know of her so far, she seems to be fairly intelligent and willing to wander off the beaten track, as the image here shows.  Still, I have serious doubts that she’s into racing motorcycles and following it up with a wild orgy back at the clubhouse.

At our last shoot, she came in with what can only be described as “interesting” hair.  (And I mean that: I found her hair interesting; I liked it.)  We shot several images of her with the hair both up and down, including a few with her red guitar.

My favorite is this one, however, deliberately shot against a bright white background to play up the white stripes in her swimsuit, while the red stripes help the lipstick to stand out.  I thought about altering the hair color in post-processing to match up with the red and white theme, but I figured she came in with blue hair for a reason.

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