Starting today, March 24, 2019, I’m going to start doing “weekend updates” for a bit, to see how that goes on livening this blog up a bit. This way, I will try to enforce a rule upon my ADD-self to write at least one post every week. Those posts may be quite short, if nothing has been going on, but I’ll try to at least keep going with the writing.

This weekend update, however, will be no problem: it’s been an exciting and busy weekend so far. Forget about the part where I went out and bought new bike helmets for myself and Bunny Chafowitz, so that we can get back on our exercise kick. Don’t concern yourself with the woodworking projects I have going on, one of which appears like it could be finished this weekend.

Laundry Room Shelf (Top View): Washer & Dryer will go underneath

Nope! This is a photographic art blog. And there has been much photographic art news happening around here as well.

John Clifton’s “In the Middle of Nowhere”

The first bit of big news this week is that a project I’ve been involved in for a while now, which I could not announce, can finally be announced.

Many of you know that I shoot mostly nudes—artistic nudes, composited fantasy nudes, and even boudoir—and, on rare occasions, portraits. Well, I also have worked photographing musicians in the past. This work includes putting together CD covers.

This weekend, John Clifton, of the John Clifton Blues Band, finally announced the upcoming release of his new CD. He gave me permission to post about it here.

John Clifton's CDs, held in his own hand, Photos & Cover Design by Rick Horowitz Photography
John Clifton’s CDs: Photos & Cover Design by Rick Horowitz Photography

What’s that? You want a better view of the cover? No problem!

In the Middle of Nowhere (Album Cover)
John Clifton’s, In the Middle of Nowhere (Album Cover)

For an even better view? Pre-order the CD at Amazon!

Chris Knight’s “Finding Rembrandt”

I was recently able to get my hands on a copy of photographer Chris Knight’s “Finding Rembrandt” photography tutorial. As I’m working on a separate post for this, I won’t say much about it here, except that you should get it!

Meanwhile, here is the very first image I tried after watching that video series.

Photographer as Beggar I (Self-Portrait)
Photographer as Beggar I (Self-Portrait)

There will be more in the post (when I finish it) about the video series itself.

Big News: Upgrade to Medium Format!

And, finally, the reallybig news of the weekend: I bought a new camera set-up. I’m moving to medium format!

If you don’t know what medium format is, just remember one of my favorite sayings: “Google is your friend.” But, what the heck. I’m in a good mood—what am I saying? I’m in a great mood!—so here’s a free link to explain what medium format is all about.

The specific model of medium format I’ve purchased is the Pentax 645Z. “The Z” provides a wider dynamic range, so more details are brought out in the shadows. It also sports a 51.4 megapixel sensor, more than twice what my Canon 5D Mark III delivers. The image quality of this camera is off the charts.


It’s going to take a bit of time for me to get used to this new baby, but I’m really looking forward to the journey.

That’s All, Folks!

So, there we are: we’ve come to the end of my first “Weekend Update” post. Hopefully, this will be a tradition I can keep up, so that even if I’m not writing full posts every week, you’ll still hear something from me.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in seeing yourself in one of my art pieces, or if you just have an idea for some photos of yourself and your family that you want for your home or office, drop me a message on Facebook, or email me using rick at Note that address is what we call a “dot photography” and not a “dot com” address. There is no “.com” at the end.

And, speaking of The End, we’re there.

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  1. Great update on your goings-on. The images are classically beautiful. Posing for you means concentrating and listening to direction intently, but the results are stunning!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for the Facebook post you did about my Over-60 project. I hope it helps bring in another model or eight!