Chris Pierce is a good friend of mine.

Recently, the band in which he plays bass — the Gray Horse — was playing at a local nightspot. When I arrived to watch, I learned that a photographer they were expecting had not yet shown up, so I offered to go get my camera.

By the time I returned, the other photographer had arrived, but we enjoyed a night of shooting together, and got to know one another a little.

Now, that may lead to my getting the opportunity to do more nightclub shoots.

This image was shot with an 85 mm L-series lens at f2.5 and an ISO of 2000 on a Canon 5D Mark II, then post-processed in Photoshop, also using some Topaz plug-ins, followed by a run through Snapseed, and then some more Photoshop to add the musical notes.

Just yesterday, I purchased the Canon 5D Mark III, and am looking forward to trying out that puppy in the dark. I expect it to do even better than the Mark II did here.

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