You may notice that things are changing back-and-forth here a bit, and, depending on when you show up, you might not see my photos on the main site very easily.

That’s because I’m in the middle of a “reboot” here, and I’m not quite bright enough to do all the development on my local computer this time. I thought the alterations I wanted were not going to be that difficult, so I started working on the site “in place.” I expected the update to take a very short period of time. Due to the fact that I was wrong, and I’m too lazy to shift things over to the development environment — plus, to be frank, I don’t seem to have many readers yet, so I’m thinking most people won’t notice — I’m going to continue working on the site “in place.”

That means that for a few days to a week here — maybe even two weeks, if I’m unlucky — you might see my website looking one way one time you arrive, and another way another time you arrive.

Since, for now anyway, the Galleries are hosted by SmugMug and somewhat “integrated” into my website, they will be unaffected by what I’m doing here. That means that although the “featured images” for the individual web posts here might not be viewable (depending on which version of the theme is active), you can still view all my work in the Galleries. And the menu on the galleries will still bring you back to the main website here, if you click a menu choice that targets the main website.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you notice any problems, have any questions, or want to make suggestions, be sure to leave a comment. The actual content of the website is unaffected by this upgrade; it’s just a “face lift,” if you will. In addition, I expect it to have an impact on the size of images I put up in the future, so I’m going to be looking at that aspect of things, too.

When all is done, we should all be happier. The images will be bigger; the website will be cleaner; and I’ll feel like blogging on it more often.

[Update: The “Reboot” is about 99% complete for now. All that really remains is to add some information to the footer. Later, I’ll add a couple pages. I’ll also be trying to figure out how to better integrate selling prints into my website. Right now, the “Galleries” link goes to SmugMug, where you can buy prints, but I don’t like that it’s not completely seamless to the existing website. But, for now, things seem to be about where I want them. I obviously need to get some more content loaded in now!]

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